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Best Effort

The data are being made available on a best effort basis by all parties involved. There are no guarantees the data will be available when you really need it.

File Formats

The data is being made available in a NetCDF file format. The data are referenced in an angular system (x & y coordinates measure radians).

Products Available & Name Conventions

There are several Level 1b (L1b) and Level 2 (L2) ABI products available over different regions with different scanning times. The table below summarizes the products, the refresh rate for the products and gives example paths of where to find the data.

Product Level Product Name Product Short Name ABI Scene Time Between Images Example File Name
L1b Radiances RadM Mesoscale 30-60 seconds ABI-L1b-RadM/2017/192/19/OR_ABI-L1b-RadM-M3C14_G16_s20171921952189_e20171921954562_c20171921955013.nc
L1b Radiances RadC CONUS 5 minutes ABI-L1b-RadC/2017/192/19/OR_ABI-L1b-RadC-M3C14_G16_s20171921952189_e20171921954562_c20171921955013.nc
L1b Radiances RadF Full Disk 15 minutes ABI-L1b-RadF/2017/192/19/OR_ABI-L1b-RadF-M3C14_G16_s20171921952189_e20171921954562_c20171921955013.nc
L2 Cloud & Moisture Imagery CMIPM Mesoscale 30-60 seconds ABI-L2-CMIPM/2017/191/21/OR_ABI-L2-CMIPM1-M3C02_G16_s20171912128268_e20171912128326_c20171912128391.nc
L2 Cloud & Moisture Imagery CMIPC CONUS 5 Minutes ABI-L2-CMIPC/2017/191/21/OR_ABI-L2-CMIPC-M3C02_G16_s20171912122189_e20171912124562_c20171912125065.nc
L2 Cloud & Moisture Imagery CMIPF Full Disk 15 Minutes ABI-L2-CMIPF/2017/192/15/OR_ABI-L2-CMIPF-M3C02_G16_s20171921515382_e20171921526149_c20171921526214.nc
L2 Multi-Band Cloud & Moisture Imagery MCMIPM Mesoscale 30-60 seconds ABI-L2-MCMIPM/2017/191/21/OR_ABI-L2-MCMIPM2-M3_G16_s20171912130568_e20171912131031_c20171912131105.nc
L2 Multi-Band Cloud & Moisture Imagery MCMIPC CONUS 5 Minutes ABI-L2-MCMIPC/2017/191/21/OR_ABI-L2-MCMIPC-M3_G16_s20171912122189_e20171912124562_c20171912125065.nc
L2 Multi-Band Cloud & Moisture Imagery MCMIPF Full Disk 15 Minutes ABI-L2-MCMIPF/2017/191/21/OR_ABI-L2-MCMIPF-M3_G16_s20171912115380_e20171912126152_c20171912126330.nc

The ABI sensor images over 16 different channels (wavelengths) as described in the table below

Channel Central Wave Length (┬Ám) Sprectrum Name
1 0.47 Visible - Blue
2 0.64 Visible - Red
3 0.86 Near IR - Vegetation
4 1.37 Near IR - Cirrus
5 1.6 Near IR - Snow/Ice
6 2.2 Near IR - Cloud Ice
7 3.9 IR - Shortwave
8 6.2 IR - Upper-Level Water Vapor
9 6.9 IR - Mid-Level Water Vapor
10 7.3 IR - Lower-Level Water Vapor
11 8.4 IR - Cloud Top Phase
12 9.6 IR - Ozone
13 10.3 IR - Clean
14 11.2 IR - Standard
15 12.3 IR - Dirty
16 13.3 IR - CO2

The filenames are

<sensor>-<level>-<product short name>/<year>/<julian day>/<hour>/OR_<sensor>-<level>-<product short name>-M<scanning mode>-C<channel>-G<GOES Satellite>-s<start time>_e<end time>_c<central time>.nc

Data Access

Data access is provided via a S3-API compatible service. The files may be downloaded with the aws cli, boto, or through a web browser.


This endpoint is S3-api compatible, so when you visit in your browser it will return XML with a truncated list of files available to download.

We recommend using the awscli or the python boto library to access the data. An example awscli command to list the contents of the bucket would look like:

aws s3 ls s3://noaa-goes16/ --no-sign-request --endpoint-url https://osdc.rcc.uchicago.edu --no-verify-ssl

The current plan is to store a rolling 100 TB archive of GOES-16 data. At present data volumes we expect this to be an about 8 month rolling archive.

This dataset is being generously hosted by The Research Computing Center (RCC) at the University of Chicago.

The Research Computing Center, within the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research. Innovation, and National Laboratories, was created in early 2010 to provide the University of Chicago community a full-service high-performance computing (HPC) resources, including one of the top 500 HPC cluster, high-speed parallel storage, 3D HD visualization facilities, ready-to-use applications, domain computational scientists, and data-management strategies to researchers and students across all departments and divisions of the University.

Archive: 2017 Major Hurricanes

To facilitate ease of use for the research community an archive of the available GOES 16 data surrounding the 2017 Hurricane season is available on OSDC Griffin. The available data products for all date ranges for the 2017 >= Category 4 Hurricanes (Maria, Irma, Jose) are available at:


irma_range = [242, 259] #Formed: August 30, 2017; Dissipated: September 16, 2017
maria_range = [259, 276] #Formed: September 16, 2017; Dissipated: October 3, 2017
jose_range = [248, 269] #Formed: September 5, 2017; Dissipated: September 26, 2017

A sample command for pulling the L1b-RadC product for day 1 of Hurricane Irma from OSDC using awscli:

aws s3 cp s3://noaa-goes16-hurricane-archive-2017/ABI-L1b-RadC/242/. [mylocaldir] --endpoint-url https://griffin-objstore.opensciencedatacloud.org --recursive

Please note that OSDC Griffin currently only handles awsv2 signatures, so it may be necessary to manage an environment for transfer where awscli or botocore <= version 1.09.

For more information on pulling data from OSDC Griffin, or sample functions that can aid pulling multiple products for multiple days, review the notebook at: https://github.com/wwells/data-transfer/blob/master/HurricaneTransfer.ipynb